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About Ramsey Farms

While modern farming practices allow us to maximize the potential that each acre can offer us, expansion of our overall acreage will allow us to take advantage of the many benefits that efficiencies of scale can present to a farm. If you have acreage in Scott or Lane county and are looking for assistance in any aspect of farming the land, please look farther into our Services page or click on the contact us link at the top of the page to send us an e-mail. 

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Ramsey Farms, Inc. is a family owned and operated farm in Scott City, Kansas. Hard work, wise business practices, and a love for the land have been a part of our success that has spanned over 95 years and recently, a 6th generation. To learn more about our family and farm's history in Scott County, take a look at the "Farm History" page. 
We strive to stay on the leading edge of farming technologies to produce a variety of crops in an efficient and profitable manner. Though we stretch across Scott and Lane counties, our operation is based 10 miles east and 3 miles north of Scott City. We currently farm 2800 acres of land from pre-planting through harvest. 

Over 75% of our acreage is dryland and irrigation is used on a limited basis in order to help certain crops through western Kansas' hot and dry summers. During these arid growing seasons, rainfall doesn't always come on an as needed basis. In order to maximize the effect of the moisture that we do receive, we are now utilizing no-till farming practices. This allows us to maintain a blanket of crop residue from previous growing seasons on the land, shading the soil and valuable moisture from the sun's rays. It also reduces erosion, and in doing so, preserves valuable nutrients that future crops will be able to utilize.