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Our Family History

Craig Ramsey
Marc Ramsey
Craig represents the third generation of the Ramsey family on the farm, being born and raised on the land we are still centered around. After graduating from Kansas State University in Agricultural Engineering in 1976, Craig worked outside of the farm for several years before returning in the early 1980's. His broad knowledge of the many aspects of Agriculture have helped him make the farm what it is today.
Marc is Craig's son, thus he represents a part of the 4th generation of Ramseys on the farm. While growing up right by the farm's shop, Marc watched his Granddad and Dad on the farm nearly every day, and it would seem natural to absorb the mindset of a farmer. After studying Mechanical Engineering at Kansas State University, Marc explored life outside of the farm before returning in 2011. Marc hopes to continue the tradition by passing to his children the love of farm life that he gained so early in life. 
The Ramsey family tradition of farming in western Kansas has spanned 97 years, and now a 6th generation is growing up on our farm. It is not without years of hard work, the passing on of family values and traditions, as well as many resourceful mindsets that we are fortunate enough to be farming the same land that our ancestors were back in the early 20th century.

Our roots were planted in western Kansas, near the Lane County town of Amy in March of 1916 when Royal Jed Ramsey and his wife Clara moved their family and farming operation from Valley Center, Kansas. Their furniture, farm implements, cow, draft horses, and mules were shipped on the Santa Fe Railway. 

Upon moving west, Jed purchased 320 acres, where they raised grain and traded horses and mules in the off season. At this time, the family had 4 sons and Jed felt the need for more land. Since their acreage was surrounded by established farms and ranches, there was no additional land available to them. 

In 1925, Jed bought 5 quarters of land in eastern Scott County. Of this 800 acres, only 100 acres had been taken out of its native prairie grass. That same year, Jed and his four boys plowed 200 acres of the newly purchased land using one bottom plows being pulled by mule teams. That year they also built a sod house for the family to reside in. 

In 1928, the Ramseys bought their first tractor, a John Deere D. 

In the spring of 1930, Jed and the boys built another house, this time a three room house. Little to their knowledge, this house (though expanded over the years) would be the home to 4 generations, and is still in place where the farm is based some 82 years later. 

Two years later, Jed's third son, Glen, married a girl from Sedgwick County, Kansas by the name of Aileen Biggs. After the couple was married, they would move into the three room house and would eventually raise three children, Richard, Nancy, and Betty Jean. 

Glen and Aileen, June, 1932